Dogu was born out of a love of quality tools by makers, people who use tools on a daily basis and know them well. With a deep appreciation and commitment to quality and precision, we make Japan-exclusive tools that are rare or unavailable outside of Japan, available.

Most of the tools are part of our own tool collection, and we’re honored to make these fine tools available to everyone.

We are Japanese. We live in Japan. We are bilingual, native English speakers. We honor our customer’s needs, and with a strong commitment to customer and community relationships, we focus on offering the first ever Japan based online English platform for tool purchases with complete English support and express shipping as standard

The Japanese characters do-gu 道具 means tool. The word, made up of two parts, 1: ‘the way’ and 2: ‘the means to fulfill a given purpose’ symbolizes the beliefs and core ethics, not just of us, but those of the tool makers and brands we carry. We believe a good tool becomes an extension of the self. 

This is the way.